Bear Grylls relies on Bowen Therapy

For a better quality of life

After using it to recover from breaking his back during SAS parachute training, the adventurer Bear Grylls described himself as ‘hooked’ on the Bowen Technique. Click here to read more about his story.

Bowen therapy is a holistic treatment

A tailored approach to treatment

Each Bowen therapy session varies according to the particular problems of the client. You will be treated as a unique individual, and as Bowen Therapy is a holistic treatment, benefits throughout the body may be experienced.

Bowen Therapy revitalises the whole person

Bowen Therapy has many benefits

Bowen therapy can be effective to help relieve everyday stresses and revitalise the whole person. By focusing on the lower and mid back and legs, the upper back, shoulders and the neck, a sense of wellbeing can be achieved.

Bowen Therapy helps sports men and women

Bowen Therapy for Sports injuries

Many Bowen therapists use the Technique to help sports men and women recover after injury, and also to prevent recurring problems. Football and rugby clubs have started making use of Bowen therapists to help their players. Read more here.

Bowen Therapy Clinic -
Bath & Bristol

Sandra Malone, qualified Bowen therapist

Bowen Therapy in Bath and Bristol

I run a Bowen Therapy clinic from Saltford Surgery in Bristol. Please give me a call (01225 873066) to arrange your initial consultation and treatment.

Bowen Therapy is suitable for people of all ages

Are you looking for a Bowen therapist in Bath or a Bowen therapist in Bristol ?

  • Bowen therapy is a soft tissue remedial therapy that involves the therapist using fingers or thumbs to move over muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia in various parts of the body.
  • Bowen helps relaxation, aiding sleep – helping to remove everyday stress and anxiety that can make us feel under-par or prevent us functioning at our optimum.